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Process Expert is a leader and innovator of RFID based inventory management systems. We provide cost-effective and scalable RFID systems which allow businesses to easily automate inventory data capture. We offer a wide array of products to suit business needs in many environments. Utilizing Process Expert's flagship reader, MiniStock, you can modernize your warehouse data capture using our DockStock, TeleStock, ForkStock, or AutoStock products. When you need a birds-eye view of your assets, take to the sky with our state-of-the-art DroneStock.

In addition, Process Expert provides RFID integration services. We work with organizations to analyze processes and determine the best methods to resolve issues and improve performance. We help organizations select the most appropriate technologies based on cost/benefit analyses, and use advanced simulation for improvement and proposal validation. Our complete set of expertise provides front to back solutions, from process and site analysis to full implementation.

Process Improvment

We analyze process inefficiencies, set productivity and cost-saving goals, and redesign the process to achieve these goals with intelligent use of technologies and a variety of process improvement techniques.

Economic Analysis

We design new processes to maximize benefits and minimize costs, using performance measures such as productivity, payback period, and return on investment.

Tracking and Traceability

We design RFID systems that provide efficient tracking through minimal process intervention. Our systems do not generate more work; instead they make the manufacturing or service process more efficient.

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Manufacturing and Logistics

Utilities and Energy

About Process Expert

What we do

We design and build cutting edge RFID solutions for inventory management. Our do-it-yourself (DIY) products have no competition when it comes to ease of installation and operation. Your system will be operational within hours of taking it out of the box.

Where we are

We are a United States based company with manufacturing operations located in California.


Our support team is always ready to help our customers. Please feel free to email us at Any product information and user guides for purchased products can be received from our support team. We are available at +1 805-457-5857 during business hours.

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