Perform inventory counting efficiently and automatically
AutoStock™ is an electric powered material handling cart outfitted with a UHF RFID system. As inventory management tasks are performed, the AutoStock™ automatically captures cycle count data that can be extracted over WiFi. A computer and RFID printer are included to allow for the labeling of items at shelf locations.
  • Embedded UHF RFID reader, ARM computer, and UHF RFID antenna
  • 8" x 6" x 4" including antenna
  • Mountable to variety of carts and vehicle types
  • Performs automatic inventory cycle counting
  • Advanced drone used for birds-eye cycle counting
  • Consists of MiniStock™ mounted to DJI S900 drone
  • Telescopic UHF RFID antenna can be used with any UHF RFID reader
  • Mountable to variety of carts and vehicle types
  • Provides flexible read area coverage
  • Accommodates multiple antennas per pole at appropriate heights
  • Autonomous robot used for inventory management
  • Consists of UHF RFID reader and multiple UHF RFID antennas
  • Performs automatic cycle counting while traveling a programmed route